DMDJ and His DN-HC4500

Hey good people, I’m new here but I have a old system that I love, which is the DN-HC4500. I am running scratch live with my system because as most of you know I can’t run Serato DJ with it :-(.

Anyway I’m coming up on 1 Tera Bite of music on my internal HD on my laptop and scratch live is still hanging in there, however my back up external HDs are starting to give me issues when I try to analyze them with scratch live, which led me to start analyzing with Serato DJ. So now I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time when I start crashing with scratch live because my Internal HD is almost full and I’m going to have to connect a external one, which will drive the crashes.

So my question is will I need to walk away from my DN-HC4500 and step up to a pioneer like my partner did? :frowning: Or does anyone out there have a fix for my problem, I’m open for suggestions. Oh Can I use Engine?

Thanks DMDJ PS I bought a Denon DS1 because I was told it was compatible with my HC4500 and that I would be able to use Serato DJ, NOT!!! :frowning: