DJWORX is back!

DJWORX, one of the original web sites for DJ related chat, reviews etc. is back in business!

Read all about it here:


Great news, I’ve kind of missed having written reviews with images of gear to look at. The videos are good but always just skirting over the features mainly.

Certain nostalgic feelings here. I enjoyed their old CDJ reviews. Very detailed and quite entertaining, accompanied by great photos.

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Interesting how he’s trying to reduce his digital footprint. I’m trying to preserve my digital footprint, at least my ideas and it being eventually traceable back to me if you follow my handles, if not my personally-identifiable data, in the eventual wake of,, CNN comments, Amazon comments & so-you’d-like-to how-to blogs, and Yahoo Groups either having a ‘reset’ where they lost all their information or just going completely bye bye to the void. This includes the owner of djforums freaking out that someone must have posted sensitive information that caused him to get hacked… both his online active storage and OFFLINE backups! Dude seemed kinda freaked out about it. Amazon and Yahoo were definitely not accidents or hackers, so I blame Bezos and whoever was in control of Yahoo. Anyway, I feel like my online trail is being erased as part of someone’s limited hangout that I would otherwise be a larger impediment to.

In the interest of full disclosure, the stuff that may have gotten some or all of that wiped or taken down was on a topic not related to DJing.

My footprint reduction is all about having a clear-out of too many digital assets and moving on from the past. It weighs me down and holds me back more than you know.

That’s the guy I used to be. Instead, I’m putting all my energy into what I’m doing now. My future is a finite resource and I see no point in spending my time and money preserving it as some sort of monument. Luckily for the DJ community, somebody else is doing that. :smiley:

For me, all that matters is what I do now and in the future. And that’s The Worxlab.


Nice to see you in here Mark… looking forward to your occasional articles on the site, and i hope still the worxlab blog too.

Looking forward to see how DJWorx will move forward.

If it will be a hybrid like Digital DJ Tips or “print” only.

Great to see you here too Mark! Greetings from Allen & Heath Xone mixers group :wink:

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UPDATE: Just found out that some of the other old DJWORX crew (Dan, Ray, Darren & Jared) are hanging out at

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