DJS-1000 connected to SC6000

Has anyone been able to get a DJS1000 to work in time with the SC6000? I’ve tried connecting them directly, I’ve tried using a link to midi app, I’ve connected them through the mixer and over USB and nothing seems to work. Weirdly, the Sync doesn’t work on the DJS-1000 unless it’s connected to a unit, throws an error saying it needs to be connected. So it sees the device but it doesn’t want to match clocks. I’ve enabled ableton link too. Running out of ideas here. Help? Thanks y’all

Pioneer stuff just talks to pioneer stuff, with very few exceptions.

You’ll be able to get the sampler to play samples and possibly record samples, like you might do with a phone that’s plugged in via its headphone socket etc, but nothing really ” in-sync “ or “in time”

Take a look at the akai range of samplers instead

Cool, thank you. I was just thinking about the Akai force. I was debating on that initially and I’m now thinking that’s the move.

Native Instruments Maschine+ has Ableton Link built in, and syncs nicely to Denon Prime kit.

Even when it’s not linked/synced I’ve found the Maschine+ plays in time just by setting the BPM to your deck(s).

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Cool. You think I’ll have any luck with MIDI?

Sc6000 usb midi out to the usb in on the 1000

Akai MPC One with ableton link can link with SC6000 and offers way more than the DJS 1000. Option to link pioneer sampler with SC6000 is only thru an app or a computer program that will translate ableton link to midi clock and send it out or via usb-midi din 5 or if the pioneer sampler reads it - directly thru usb.

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YOOO, this is a pretty solid solution for syncing ProLink players with AbletonLink players without going through Midi, USB, or tying into the Ableton clock on a tethered machine:

Here’s my setup:

  • 2xSC6000 + 1850Prime + DJS-1000
  • Everything connected via ethernet to the mixer
  • Mixer connected to a hub which is also connected to my computer
  • Set quantize to Bar on both the 6000’s and the 1000
  • Run Beat-link-trigger and have it watch the 1000 on Full Sync mode
  • I’ve set the 1000 to player ID 4, also connected to port 4 on the mixer
  • Using settings:
  • The 1000 is the only ProLink item on the network so the Player 2, 3, Mixer doesn’t show up
  • I don’t want the 1000 to control the tempo of the 6000’s so I set Ableton Link to Master - this also helps when you exit projects on the 1000 because if it is set to master, i.e. controlling the tempo of the 6000’s, then it barfs when you change projects and it’s audibly noticeable - the bpm on the 6000 drops to whatever it’s original tempo was and then pops back to the 1000 bpm

This isn’t perfect, don’t expect it to be like connecting it to a ProLink but it’s damn close. I was able to easily sync sequences and poorly finger drummed patterns.

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Thinking of doing the same with the Akai force. However the cheapest solution with similar software would be a MPC One. Than using, as most people, already stated, the ableton link function.

Here is a video with Denon players

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