DJing with JBL EON ONE at large Venues

What are your thoughts on using two JBL EON One in large venues and for outside events? I know when looking up the JBL EON ONE linear-array speakers they say its perfect for small-sized to midsized venues, but I was wondering what your thoughts are on using 2 of them for large venues and outdoor events.

This is a system for a living room, not a big venue. You will lose bass and oberall venue. For big venues You need double 18” subs and a good powerful tops. Check and ask Yourself a question why You don’t see such systems nowhere outside a small cafe or restaurant?

I am looking for something that is compact and lightweight that can work in large venues and for different outdoor events as I am a mobile DJ and would want a pair that can handle it all while being compact and lightweight

First of all, what is a large venue for you?

I had 2x 18" subs and 2x15" tops at a 100 people outdoor event and it was ok. I would not recommend going smaller, then You will lose bass.

Systems like this eon one are considered as toys. They don’t sound good enough, and small subwoofer will just not make it when You have a lot of people covering the space.

something with about 1000 to 2000 people mostly but keeping in mind compact lightweight as I am mobile DJ and use uber and friends/family to get me to different locations and mainly being me setting up and breaking down also needing to lightweight to carry up flights of stairs. I am wanting a compact lightweight system that can handles gigs of 100 people at the least with up to large venue sizes that can accommodate 2000+ people and being light enough to carry with one hand something less than 30-35 pounds weight if possible

You are joking right?

Those JBL things are toys and not suitable for maybe more than a capacity 50 venue.

In a venue capacity 1000+ you probably need (on each side L/R) at least 2x dual 18" subs, bass bins or subs at least dual 15" (to handle upper bass), and either a proper line array with 4x mid/top combos or an 8"/10" + tweeter combo speaker for the mids and tops (some of the older Logic System tops had a 1" tweeter, 8" and 10" combo to handle mids - this was before everything went line array).

Also in a large 1000+ capacity venue a set of repeater speakers wouldn’t go amiss either.

I’d consider that the absolute bare minimum and would add more speakers depending on the layout of the venue itself.

No system suitable for large venues is going to be light enough to carry around with 1 hand, that’s just not how reality works.


They will fit at large venues as monitors for you. Not as anything else.

We all want to walk in to a 2000 person venue with a plastic speaker in one hand, & a Prime Go in the other, & be able to rock the place! …but it ain’t happening with current speaker technology!

100 people, yes. …anymore than that & you’re struggling.

As Scotty said in the original Star Trek… “you canna change the laws of Physics, captain!”

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Compact and lightweight do not exist for large venues events.

The main question you have to ask is this: what SPL level do I need to cover the whole audience on a certain distance and to sound the same from every corner?

Put mathematics into effect and you have he answer: big equipment with high amplification power.

The only other option for the OP is to consider is modularity.

One Jbl eon maybe good for a small bar with a 30x60ft space but the bigger you go the more you’ll have to add.

You could buy the speaker you wish and then when the venue calls for more then just rent add ons and then you’ll know what you really need.

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Bose F1 system is portable and reasonably powerful.

But not for a venue for 1000people.

Maybe for a wedding, the woofers on that are 12" so you’ll lose a lot of sub bass, likely can’t reproduce much below 70-80Hz

For a large venue you’re looking more at something more like this (Void Incubus system)

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Here are the speakers the op is looking for.

If you can afford them, they are the defacto speakers for mobile djs in Canada. In Canada it doesn’t matter what sound system you are a fan boy of because when you have an important gig, everybody here knows you gotta get the yorkies.

12" Woofer, refer to my comment 1 above…

Those seem like great DJ/Stage monitors, not good for a large venue.

You’d be surprised. A pair is good for about 150 heads in a 75x75ft space. more than that then you’d have to pair with subs for a100x100 space then double your set up for a 150x150ft space. this is just for indoors.

Outddoors a pair with one of these can do at lest 350 ppl and covers about 2 acres.

I would like to find something that is 35 pounds in weight or less as I do setup and takedown on my own and I use uber so it would need to be able to fit in at least a sedan style car.

Another set I am looking at is JBL EON612 or EON615 and getting a pair of one of them

I do not intend to insult you, but you will not be able to find a system that can play for 1000-2000 people in the size-range you are looking at.

Unfortunately we can’t help as you we don’t know any type of speakers that would fit your needs otherwise all of us would be using it already.

I could give you some consolation though. If the facility you are playing at has something like at least a 40ft ceiling and 8 of those speakers spread out in mono along the ceiling facing down then you might have a chance.

Heard them live, love the power and quality from this system :slight_smile: