Djctl support for SC players (even without an X series mixer!)

Before I start, let me first answer the question: “what is djctl?”

djctl tells you what’s playing on your Denon StagelinQ-capable DJ device running in standalone mode. When coupled with OBS or similar software, it can be used to display a live updating overlay of what’s playing during your DJ set. Numerous solutions exist to support DJ software and non-Denon hardware. However, support for Denon equipment running in standalone mode is not yet common. The djctl project is committed to developing features that specifically leverage the unique capabilities of Denon hardware.

See for more info!

On to the juicy bit! I’ve been working on adding support for SC players to djctl and one of the scenarios I am hoping to support is SC players that AREN’T paired with an X mixer. I’ve added two new featured track detection algorithms that I could use some feedback on for this use case:

  • The new --detection.algorithm="lead" flag definitely works with SC players paired with an X mixer but I would love feedback on whether it works for those SC players that ARE NOT paired with an X mixer but instead using an analog mixer setup.

  • If that algorithm does not work for the aforementioned scenario, what about --detection.algorithm="altlead"? This should behave roughly the same as as the "lead" algorithm.

Any help appreciated! Here is a link to the alpha with these enhancements:

Would love to get feedback on it! Feel free to drop me a line at


Friend, this was what I’ve been waiting for a long time, but there’s a problem, only an expert can use it! Full of scripts and not intuitive! Either you are a dj who uses a denon, or you are a hacker, the 2 don’t exist (Laughs) Sorry for the joke! But really, I couldn’t understand anything! I’m very interested in this, I use windows, and I haven’t seen a tutorial for a lay dj to get it running!

  • How will the pc recognize everything? Mixer connected via USB? Ethernet cable via a router?
  • The players? Are they connected to the pc? With what? Serious! Totally confusing and a bunch of scripts I don’t even know where to put it!

StageLinq is the keyword you are searching for. Indeed the configuration can be a bit tricky but everything is well documented with including default files for the profile.

Overall, it is using a websocket which can be output the infos in OBS

Hi @djleh82 -

Happy to help you personally. Drop me a line at and we’ll figure it out. I can get on a Zoom or Google Hangout to walk you through it. I think you’ll find it is easier to get started than you may be thinking. I realize that doing anything with a CLI application isn’t in the computing repertoire of some folks but don’t give up quite yet.

To address your specific questions and concerns –

  • It’s a single binary. There are HTML/CSS/JS “theme” files included so that you can adjust/customize the overlay for OBS. To simplify things, I have also embedded these themes into the binary in the latest alpha I’m about to release.
  • Your computer running djctl needs to be connected to the same wired network as the players and/or Prime devices. Denon does not support Stagelinq (the “language” we speak to the players) on anything other than the wired interfaces of their players/devices.

This is how it ideally works:

  • You download djctl zip file
  • You unzip it
  • You open the Windows shell and switch to the directory where djctl was unzipped
  • You launch djctl by typing djctl.exe start
  • It autodetects your Prime / Stagelinq devices
  • Your open http://localhost:9090/ in your web browser to test
  • Start DJing; you should see the track information updating in your browser as you transition between songs

There are all sorts of bells and whistles you can configure by creating a configuration file, but just to get started you don’t need to worry about that… unless you are an SC player only user (with no X mixer).

The support for SC players is still new and being tested. If you use SC players and don’t have an X mixer, you’ll want to run it like this instead:

djctl.exe start --detection.algorithm=altlead

If you have a Prime standalone controller or SC players + X mixer, just run it like this:

djctl.exe start

Not sure if this helps or is more confusing. :slight_smile: But as I said, I’m happy to help personally. Same goes for anyone else reading this thread.

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Wow! It worked!!! I was typing a wrong command, where he couldn’t find the “exe” in the folder through CMD, so I used it through Windows POWER SHELL and it worked!!! I’m testing it and it’s amazing!!! I sent you an email, I don’t know if, I don’t speak English, I’m Brazilian, I use the translator to be able to communicate with everyone here!! I think about acquiring the license and helping you to make this project even easier for all djs who use denon to be able to use this tool as well!! I made it work in the browser, so just throw the address in OBS now! Only the themes I still don’t know how to use! But I’m happy now! Although 20 dollars is a bit heavy for us Brazilians today, I still believe that helping, you delivered a software with a simple graphical interface for everyone to use!


I just haven’t bought it yet because as I said above, 20 dollars is too expensive for us Brazilians, where 1 dollar costs 5.30x more!! To not be sure whether this will continue after a go-stagelinq library update!!

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Up!! Keep that topic up there! Because this scheme is very good, the guys have to know! :clap::clap::clap:

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@djleh82 - glad to hear you got it working. that makes me smile! drop me an email ( and we can continue the conversation.

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I have already sent you 2 emails! Did you get any of them??