Djay Pro Mapping for Windows 10

Hi there, I know it was addressed about a year ago but I am not so much interested on news about native support for windows ( I know that when it comes out I will find out immediately) but i am interested to find a windows mapping for Djay Pro on the 8000. Even with just the minimum functions.

Thanks in advance everyone!

I would think DJay Pro would be the place to look for mappings?

Not necessarily. Since I am looking for a controller specific mapping, it makes sense to ask if other users of this specific controller have it. Thanks for the reply though :slightly_smiling_face:

See I am using Djay Pro for the last two months without any trouble. Recently I have updated my windows system and enabled the taskbar auto-hiding. Unfortunately, the taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen due to some explorer issue, except this everything is working very well.