Dj Stand for Prime Go

Hi, Can anybody suggest a good fold out stand for the Prime Go?

Quite honestly, any cheap amazon laptop stand works just perfect for the Go. I bought 2; one I keep on my desk and my go is propped up on it and it just works great. Their width could be wider, but I had no stability issues. Also it fits well enough that the little legs that protrude a little bit in the front from underneath clear the AUX pot on the front.

These stands are offered under many company names but more or less are the same design. Some other DJ’s on youtube showcased exactly the same thing. They will set you around $10 - $15 usd.

I also bought an expensive ATA Style Flight Travel Case which is just fantastic. I have my second laptop stand and I prop it right there in the case so the GO is a bit raised so I can read the screen better.


I have a MOFT adhesive stand as a “go anywhere” and a simple laptop stand to use where I have more space. Are you looking for a perm home for it or something to pull out when you are on the move?

I am actually looking for a fold-up stand/table for my prime go

@Coolbritt12us, I could also be interested, it would be very nice if you found a solution to share it here :slight_smile:

But you guys were offered 2 solutions by 2 different people…I am not sure what else as information you seek?

Well… Maybe a fold-up stand that can be folded to occupy the minimum space as possible :sweat_smile:

It’s most definitely foldable. Here’s the one I got. It’s in CAD, so search on whatever site you want. It used to be cheaper. Everything is going up in pricing.

I also believe @Pwnda 'a stand is also foldable…

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