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Just wondering if you guys are willing to sponsor and support djs who want to create a live stream format show to give other DJs a platform to showcase their skills and music from. I have a whole business plan and idea on a concept I want to do but don’t want to go to a company like pioneer I’d rather get the help from my favorite company Denon DJ. Is there someone from denon I could contact to talk about this idea and plan that I have to possibly get the support and backing from you guys?!?!?!?

So you’re after free gear ?

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Also did a lot of live streams and no free gear. I paid it all. First You need to show, that Your live streams are worth the money that the gear is valued, then talk about it. Just my thought…


Been a proud denon dj owner don’t need free gear buddy just looking to team up with a company that I believe in more than any other because IV seen what they’ve done for DJs.


Wouldn’t trade my Denons for any other company!

Just got these today, and hooked up my MC 8000 along with DNS1200s and live streaming next week playing House music to push my 3rd track out and number 6 on the Labels most popular releases. Gonna represent my Denons to show the industry what high standard means.

Write them an email with your vision n goals, instead of asking denon members in forum that. Yes they do support like Ethan Leo & Laidback Luke , are you that goood?

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I would not say I am as good as laidback Luke :rofl:. But I have been mixing for 10 years now and it’s been a huge part of my life so through that and being in the industry for a while I have met and gained many connections from other DJs, club owners, event promoters, photographers, and also being apart of the groups and community’s here in buffalo so I can bring traffic to a stream no problem. I reached out to a few people so we’ll see what happens.

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