DJ Hollywood

I’ve been DJing since 1976 in Bars, House parties and at home in my back yard get togethers. It’s a love I can’t describe. The funny thing is that I’m not that good but I keep trying. Plus I own expensive Denon equipment that’s 2nd to none. Ive had all different type of DJ equipment and Denon is my sweetheart. I own the X1850 and a pair of SC6000m’s. I just lost my X1800 and SC5000M’s in a house fire but I don’t feel it was a loss because it became an upgrade. Thank you all for helping me out in the forums and thank you Denon for your magnificent equipment.


Sorry to hear about the fire, but glad you did not let it discourage you. Welcome and happy DJing!

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear that You lost so much in the fire. It’s not only the dj gear that has it’s value, as we know. Good thing, that You and Your family made it out of this, and You are still here with us.

As it goes for the djing - Denon makes real great stuff. Wish You happy mixing!

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Thank You to my brother DJ’s!