DJ HeeD VideoPlaylist 2020 (sc5000 perfo)

Hello, Here is a SC5000 performance and it is my Summer Playlist. Please comment if you like!

Bye! DJ HEED (Geneva).

It’s good to see a DJ not pushing meters into the red (or blue) :grinning:

Congratulations @Herve on the set. It is a style that transmits very good vibrations, and excellent homogeneity.

Out of curiosity, how do you managed to mix during the 48 min without copyright takedowns, avoiding copyright strikes?

A greeting.

Hello Jaroto! Thank you very much! But I’m still a bedroom dj… So, this kind of comment is really appreciated! For the copyrights, I first check the youtube policies and create a playlist with no blocked content… You can check your playlist on youtube/policies. A good tip is to not include superstar dj track on your mix… Thank you!


Well, to be a bedroom dj, you do it quite well and you have had an amazing taste in the choice of tracks, even taking into account the restrictions of streaming on YouTube.

Thanks to you for your recommendations, the truth, I had not thought about them, and they are very logical and consistent.

I will take them into account in my next sets, although lately I do it on Facebook Live, since YouTube blocked my content on 2 occasions and I had read there that the third time it will lock the account and deleted the content, and I was scared.

I encourage to keep going. With the summer playlist you have chosen and your way of mixing and melting and transitioning in the mixes, you demonstrate aptitudes.

A greeting.