🚨 DJ Gets Chased By Police! 🚨

FF to 14:00 minutes in… :policeman::policewoman::man_police_officer::policeman::policewoman:

I feel bad for this guy… As far as I can see he’s not causing any trouble and everyone he passes appears to be having a favorable reaction to his presence… Enjoy the videos! :blush:

As to the opposite end of the mall I’m sure shoplifting is out of control! :joy:

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I try to stay positive and fill everyone’s day with good vibes, flowers and happiness; more of the Ubercorn rather than Die-Hardman.

But SUAT’s levels of Jerkdom depresses me, because THIS is what is now associated with the term “DJ”.

His first internet video (you might still be able to find it) was recorded on the pavement of a British High Street, mid-Saturday shopping time, sitting with his buddies in the back of his new Porsche that Dad bought him, tailgate open, blasting out mediocre tech house as loud as possible on the car stereo from his new controller in order to wind up passers by and argue with them.

His intention from the outset was to seek attention and annoy for clicks. Never got any better.

It’s a circus act. If you like clown shows then have at it.

File under: “Stunt DJs”


He’s just having fun.

He’s unique in his own way that’s all. His videos are purely entertaining. :blush:

I respect your opinion. Perhaps he’s not for everyone but that’s ok. :peace_symbol:

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Meh. I’m not into him. He’s too needy. There’s another guy who plays DnB on a bike who’s a lot more fun.


Oh yea…

If you come across his video feel free to post it here. I’d like to see that one. :blush:



Just a “few” more people around him than SUAT!! Cough Cough Wow! Good find! :blush::+1:

Yup. And not much different when his fans share his videos to forums and social media.


The guy really is one of the best arguments for the abortion debate.

He was completely irresponsible during covid. When people were told to stay indoors, make essential journeys only, don’t mingle unless you absolutely have to … there he was sticking a virtual finger up to anyone who became ill, lost family members, lost income or business if their work relied on crowds, audiences, an early end to the pandemic.

He’s a disgrace and an embarrassment to his hobby, his country, and to all.


OMG Pasha!

That first sentence! Was just too funny! :joy:

I just spilled a mouthful of Captain Crunch all over my kitchen table! Tnx!! :melting_face:

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Wow. SUAT’s hassling of people in hi-viz provokes strong feelings indeed.

The DJ bit is incidental. He wants to think he’s going around spreading love and grooves, but really he’s the equivalent of the guy who argues with cops about being a freeman-on-the-land, the guy who thinks he’s too fit to need a Covid vaccine, the guy who wants to outsmart enemies of freedom like mall cops and security guards.

I just wish he’d swap his controller with an FPV drone or cowbell or vuvuzella. A big, walking kazoo would do the same job.

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Well atleast it doesn’t say Denon DJ! :joy::joy::joy:

We must be grateful for small mercies.

He’s also previously used a Prime 4 and Prime Go too.

:rotating_light: DJ Gets Chased By Police! :rotating_light:

Wow, this clickbait title is just as cringe as Suat himself.

Couldn’t agree more with what @TJDJ states. A jerky attention-seeking clown. We shouldn’t advertise him even further, leaving aside that he rather gets paid by AT anyway to leak advertise their $1500+ tiktok products, so zero relevance to the Engine community nowadays.

:rotating_light: Vote 4 close. :rotating_light:

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Maybe getting a bit harsh on @jnyvio there. This forum is big enough to have a sense of humour too.


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haha okay, fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Is what SUAT is doing any more embarrassing than that gimmicky Marshmallow head fool who everyone seems to love? At least SUATs tunes don’t make me want to cut my ears off, like that EDM rubbish does.


This forum is also big enough from some EDM trash talk!