DJ black angus, Massachusetts

Cheers, mates! My name is black angus, and I’ve been a mobile/club jock since I was 14, 33 years ago now. I’m also a wedding DJ with about 20 years under my belt.

I play all sorts of music for all kinds of people: I’ve done Russian weddings and spun for kink parties, done Latin nights at urban clubs, and country nights for rural ones

I used to work for Denon as a Certified Denon DJ, beta testing new gear and leading seminars at pro audio shops in the Northeast (US), teaching salespeople how to better explain the products, and demonstrating to DJs why they should scrap their other gear and embrace the Light…my gear is all Denon, dating back to the DN-X15000 mixer and the DN-S5000 decks, and I picked up the MC7000 recently to see where the future is heading…

Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining us, great to see you here!