[DIY] Pitch fader sticker with more dividers

Hello guys

On SC5000M the lines on pitch fader was too far apart for me(for pitch riding). So I have created a little sticker in scale to have more lines (like on Pioneer gear).

Test version looks like this:

I am attaching source svg file with two different dividers and PDF but I am not sure if it was created in scale.

pitch sticker.pdf (3.5 KB)

Pitch sticker|210x297 (save as)


After I read your post, I realized I have never ever moved the slider based on what lines were under it and I am curious as to why you do and if you ignore the on screen BPM value. If you don’t and like me you do look at that then why do you care about the lines under the slider?

Me too, never looked at the lines under the pitch fader. Not on any turntable, or CDJ, or Primes… Just used the fader to set the bpm by ear or by bpm on screen and not bother my self with it anymore… I see first time in my life, that someone actually looks at the lines… :exploding_head:

Me neither.

And what happens when you change the pitch range? A lot of the lines would be “off” or meaningless.

Still as a diy customising, as long as a safe adhesive type is used, it’s a reversible custom “mod”

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I look on fader when doing very small corrections like .1. For rough ones I do not look at the lines as you said. Also the lines are only useful when you do not touch the platter and speeding/slowing down record by moving pitch fader with those little movements and be able to go back in the same spot after temporary nudging the fader - I hope you know what I mean.

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I just look and notice the pitch value in .xx% value to go back to if need be, but everyone’s entitled to their own way of mixing of course.

I know that technique from vinyl, did that a lot by putting my finger on the reference point (opposite way of the movement), and then moving the fader a bit and back to the finger - never had to look at the lines then, still accurate enough to beatmatch.

That’s exactly how I do the pitch-riding :slight_smile:

Yeah on the 1210’s I still do sometimes. On the SC’s way less to none.

Don’t know why exactly, perhaps because of the analogue pitchfader on the Technics.

i totally get this. i used to look at the lines when i first started on vinyl by guessing where id start say 4%…if then it needs more speed id move it a few more lines to 5%. if then its too fast then pull back half way between the 2 points and repeat the process and ill dial it in tight that way.

not so much these days as i ride the pitch but in the same way accelerating and deaccelerating until it holds and in the middle.

good work on the mod