Displays frozen on boot up

WSo this has started happening and seems to be getting worse.

I turn on MCX 8000 using the power switch at the back, no usb cables or memory sticks plugged in. The unit is totally stand-alone. Nothing other than a power cable is plugged into the 8000.

The unit seems to boot up as it normally does, but then I notice that the displays (both) are still showing the blue Denon logo although the switch above the faders are on Engine (standalone). Usually after boot up, the display shows usb1 & usb2.

I plug memory stick into usb1… Nothing. Eject it by pressing the button (which does seem to work as the led flashes & then stops), then plug the memory stick into usb2…Nothing. Then I try flipping the switches above Ch’s 1&2 between Pc, Engine & Line… Nothing.

Then I decide to see if the unit will work with Serato, I plug the usb cable into my mac & 8000, start up Serato (1.9.6) & wait…Nothing (display wise anyway). Serato detects the 8000 & the unit seems to function normally but the screens are still stuck on the blue Denon logo.

If I reboot the 8000, it starts & operates fine thereafter. I have also noticed that if I turn on the 8000, then switch off & restart it again, I don’t experience the usual right deck screen freeze that I normally do if I just boot up once & start using it.

It seems like my 8000 doesn’t boot up correctly on the first boot. I have become so used to the right hand display freezing ‘sooner or later’ that I’m actually getting used to it now!!

However the displays freezing at start up is a new issue that has only recently started happening (friday night was the first time, it happened again on Sat (twice) & Sunday (twice)) and is an issue that I just can’t ignore.

I’ll appreciate any of Denon’s staff to give some feedback on this please. Thanks in advance.

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Is there anything new plugged into the same mains outlet, or nearby which could be causing interference through the mains?

Thanks for responding DJ_Boothe. Nothing new or unusual plugged into the mains. This happened once at the club & the other times at home. Rebooting the controller seems to solve the issue, I don’t unplug anything from the mains before I reboot either. So Im doubtful that it has anything to do with the mains. If I think back, I’m slightly swayed to thinking that my display problems began after the last firmware update that I did. For the majority of last year I don’t recall having screen issues… But I can’t say that with certainty. Is there any way to install older firmware? That way I can test & see whether that is the case.

Hi Craig,

I had the same issue with my MCX8000 as well, with the displays freezing up (transport controls still working fine) after updating the system firmware to 1.5.

I tried downgrading the system firmware to 1.3, but this did not help the issue. After going through the array of troubleshooting steps, I had to RMA the unit and receive a new one.

The replacement unit has not frozen on me once, but I have also not upgraded the firmware for fear this happens again. I tried to upload pictures of the new 8000 vs the old unit’s versions (the new unit has a higher Display Version but older everything-else), but new forum users cannot upload images, it seems. :frowning:

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the same problem with me, the displays freezing up (I tried in standalone / serato was still not working). even I can not open the settings menu and can not update the firmware. I have sent an email but it has been almost 2 weeks still have not received a reply from the Denon. :cry:

i’m having the same issues, have been for a while now, i end up having to reboot the mcx several times before it actually boots up properly, with me it’s same items plugged in and it’s on different power supplies as i’m a mobile dj. i find it worse if i don’t use the mcx for say 2 weeks it then plays up, but is fine if i use it a couple of times a week.

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This really doesnt sound like anything firmware related and I’d recommend getting the unit sent in to an authorised service centre. It’s obviously the same firmware that stays in the unit from one use to the next, so when you say “I find it worse if I dont use the MCX for say 2 weeks” that really suggests some sort of hardware situation which needs attention.

No amount of firmware tweak can fix a hardware issue.

It’s service centre time.


For what it’s worth, I haven’t had any issues with display or transport controls freezing since RMAing my unit in September. If you are getting frozen displays out-of-the-box, it would be worth your while to look into having your unit RMAed as well.


I have the same problem twice. Actually checked this forum before I sent it in the first time. Nothing would boot, and it’s basically just a 4 channel mixer at this point. Really frustrated because I had this RMA’d, shipped it to a center in Reno, received the MCX8000 back and it still has the same problem!! Denon… why. Why wouldn’t you test it before sending back to me? I’m still under warrantee, but this is crazy. I’ve been unable to DJ with my own equipment for TWO MONTHS NOW. Currently awaiting reply on the case. They should’ve replaced it instead of attempting to fix the controller. Obviously the MCX8000 has hardware issues for some units, but if yawl are aware there is a problem like this, it should be REPLACED, like a faulty part in a car. I’m emotionally and financially distraught over this lol. Someone please help.