Displaying and searching the comment and label fields of tracks in library on SC6000

Hello - Two questions about the comment and label fields for tracks on SC6000 (Engine OS)

– How do you set the comment and label fields for tracks to always be displayed. I understand that if you press and hold an individual track anywhere in the library on the SC6000’s display it will show these fields for that particular track, but how do I set the preference so that these fields for all tracks are always shown below each track’s title and artist name?

– How do you keyword search the comment and label fields of tracks in library on SC6000? Every time I try to perform a keyword search on SC6000 it never finds any keyword that are already confirmed elsewhere to be written in the tracks’ comment and label fields.


I dont think you can. I think its still an ongoing request…

Take a look here.

Thats what your asking for isnt it

Holy smokes, after all these years Denon is still apparently ignoring this much needed feature. That’s unfortunate, and alarming too.

As a vinyl DJ for several decades now, seeing the comment field, along with cover art, is often more critical than the artist names and track titles since artwork and comments are primarily how tracks are remembered and selected when playing vinyl. Being able to quickly see the label names is also very important for this too.

Regarding whether or not the description you gave is what I’m asking for; I’m not sure at moment as I’d need to see that on the display. When I look at the current way artists and titles are displayed as a list on the SC6000 I just envision an additional line below each artist name (which is smaller font that title font) that simply displays the track’s comment field. Another additional line below each track would display the label name. That way the user experience closely mimics that of a DVS program like Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox, Traktor, etc., or even the Engine DJ Desktop program. These additional lines of info could also be a user preference so those that need this info displayed all at once can do so, and those that don’t could just turn them off so they aren’t displayed.

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Yup it is what it is. It is a 'work in progress" . You have to remember the built the prime series from the ground up. They will get there and blow the competition out of the water but it takes time. Remember serato started as scratch and that was baduc to say the least

– How do you keyword search the comment field of tracks in library on SC6000? Every time I try to perform a keyword search on SC6000 it never finds any keyword that are already confirmed elsewhere to be written in the tracks’ comment field.

To the left of the search box there is a little button with an downward pointing arrow, this expands the menu for the tags search will look at, enable comment and you’re good to go. You have to turn it on each time but it works perfectly.


Wow. Everydays a school day. Cheers for that @inertiamonster


No problem. I know comment search is a default on Pioneer but browsing and searching experience on the Prime gear kicks the ■■■■ out of Pioneer, not even close, even if some of the features aren’t immediately obvious.

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Fantastic! Thank you for sorting us out on this. Much appreciated. The ability to keyword search Comment and Label fields takes us one step closer to being able to finally go full Engine DJ OS exclusively. Do you happen to know if there is also a way to have the Comment and Label fields displayed all the time on SC6000 under the Title and Artist which is already displayed for tracks listed in library, playlists, etc.? That way these fields can be instantly viewed for all tracks displayed together while browsing without having to perform as keyword search or having to press/hold each individual track at a time to see this info?

I do not, I’ve never tried that but I don’t think it’s possible, probably should be considering the screen size, hopefully someone else can chime in.

Only way i could see of doing it would be to put artist and title in say title tag and using artist tag for comments

I’ll look around here on forum and see if the suggestion has already been made to have a user preference that would allow more selected information like Comment and Label to be displayed at all times for each track. I’ve got a hunch I’m probably in the minority in wanting something like that. Who knows though, maybe there are others interested. If it’s not already mentioned, I’ll post a feature suggestion in appropriate area. Like I said earlier, coming from a very long background of playing vinyl, things like being able to quickly and easily see comments and artwork in the heat of a mix session is just something I’m used to from vinyl and heavily rely on, especially as I get older, library being so massive, etc. 90% of the time when going through either my vinyl library or my digital library in Serato DJ Pro it’s the artwork and the comments I’ve added that allow me to instantly know everything about each track. Rarely is it the artist or title that triggers my memory.

I hope they implement a perminate comment field in the browser in the next update. Fingers crossed!!


My Hero! This made my day - thank you!!!

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I don’t want to put a damper on this idea or make it complicated but I was thinking this comment field through and I can see that two comments fields would be amazing. For use at different times

  1. Comments to be shown in search results/browsing on-screen (such as: “this goes well with Lil Nas” or “corrupt” or “good transition track from 115bpm to 176bpm”

  2. Comments to be shown when the track is loaded ready to play, or playing near (or instead of) the artist/song name text (such as: vocals start at 37 secs, drum breakdown at 3:32 )

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Agree with you completely… Ability to have Comments like that would be great.

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Any movement on this? I have comments on all of my tracks and would LOVE to be able to see them as I scroll my library instead of having to open each track to see them. Spent a lot of time and effort to add comments to each track and the interface makes it almost pointless to do so presently.


Hi, I’m wanting to know what programmes you guys use to organise your music collection and how to get the correct info for the tracks ID3 tags. Sterodreamer made a good point about artwork search as I to come from a vinyl background and relied visually when searching for tunes. Is their a programme which pulls track info from the Internet and automatically enters the correct tracks info into the tracks ID3 tags?, preferably in large batches, as I have quite a large collection. I’m wanting cover art for my flac, mp3’s, and the correct genre as some files have the wrong info in the ID3 tag.

I have a mixture of purchased downloads from traxsource, beatport, junodownload, bandcamp etc and some ripped music from my CD collection. All in different file types ie MP3 320, Wav, and Flac. I am aware Wav files don’t store as much info as the other formats like artwork etc.

I used virtual DJ before I bought my SC6000’s which gives you a detailed option to edit each files info including the release date of the track. The year in the search field on the SC6000’s only shows when the track was added to the database and unfortunately doesn’t have the option to show the release date. Would I have to manually add the release date in the comments section on each file in engine dj or can I buy a programme to do this automatically to save me entering the info manually and save me time?

Regards Mark

This thread was originally opened up without the initial poster checking to see if a feature request had already been raised and voted on.

It had (or something almost identical)

Here’s a similar thread and that doesn’t have any voting options either as that post wasn’t made into a proper request either.

The idea doesn’t stand much chance without vote-ability

OneTagger is what you want - it will grab info from various configurable sources and write them into your track tags.

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