Display On Jog Wheel

On a Prime 4 I saw in one of the YouTube videos that you can have the display window inside the jog wheel show time remaining/elapsed time and BPM. If that is true how do you get that to happen? I have search settings and literature w/o sucess!

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Can you be more specific? Which one?

I heard from Atomix staff that what can be shown on the jog display is quite restricted.

I was under the impression you set it up so you could view track time elapsed/ remaining and BPM in the jog wheel window either in stand alone mode or Serato/Controller mode?

Please go to this request thread and support it with your +like for a refined jog display GUI. I think there even had been two parallel/similar threads, but can’t spot the other one.

As much as I like all Prime products, their jog screens look rather basic compared to the DDJ-1000/SRT and CDJ3000, they never had recieved any update since 2017. Especially the rotation/needle animation is choppy (needs more segments for smoothness) and I miss a permament last set cue marker for more precise beat juggling, similar to the VFD screens of the older CDJs.

Option for remaining time and BPM would be welcomed, in addition, if feasible.

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