Display in Jogwheels

Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me. I would have to suggest an improvement in the functionality of the screens on the turntables. When scratching with the plates, it would be helpful if you could see a start mark. As with the M models of the SC5000 / SC6000. This marking could always run along - like the wreath around it. I imagine the function in such a way that when you press a Hotcue, the “pointer” is then at the 12 o’clock position. By moving (scratching) the platter, the “pointer” then rotates in the corresponding direction. Since not everyone wants to scratch, it would also be good if you can switch this function on and off. Scratching has something to do with vinyl, so it would be obvious, for example, to switch this function on and off with the key combination SHIFT + VINYL.

I think this function that you describe is the “sticker lock” in Serato DJ.

I think there could be a few improvements in the centre screens too.

  1. The centre jog could show user logo when no track art is available.

  2. Jog screen could show the slicer repeat length instead of letting us guess!