Display fail on prime4

Need help… :pray:

It doesn’t help pressing the update button

@Nekoro_DenonDJ - any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi @Jimmi, thanks for posing! I’ve got something for you to try out, to make sure your PRIME 4 isn’t ‘on the fritz’:

-Power cycle you unit (turn off and turn back on). If your external HD is a standard hard drive (with an internal disc, not an SSD), make sure it is plugged out of the unit when power cycling.

Let me know if that helps!

i have don that, and it didn´t help… the fali showed up after i install an Intel SSD Hdd…

I know you said the update button didn’t work but did you have the firmware on a drive and plugged in?

If you haven’t already, might be worth putting the firmware on a usb drive and rebooting and then pressing update (I would have all other drives unplugged).

@Jimmi, please try Power Cycling again, 3-5 times. Do this with no drives plugged in or installed, and then again with your SSD install.

i have try all that… nothing helps…

@Jimmi, i will be messaging you privately for further assistance.