Disable Cross fader?

wanted to know if you can disable the cross fader in the unit it self? I know the prime 2 & 4 it has the a-thru-b button to do so. I don’t see any of that in the prime go I like to mix with line faders only. is there a setting on the software that you can disable it? thanks

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If there isn’t an option to disable the crossfade from the menu, you can always leave the cross fader in the middle

true but my dumb ass will find a way to move that :crazy_face: happen to me with other unit making a recording lucky for me it was disabled

Gaffer tape on both sides

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Where would we be without Gaffer tape.

Gaffer Tape on a $999 unit? hey JWILL where you at Bro! need your assistance on this

Hi @Steven.V - Thank you for your feedback!

It’s likely possible but I cannot confirm whether or not if it will be there for initial release. If it doesn’t make it in, I suggest that you create a feature request for it. If other users also want the feature, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

The feature request area for Go will be available when the product is in stores.


fair enough thank for getting back to me on that

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Just in case anyone wonders … I too fully support a (settings) option of disabling a cross fader.


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My brother DJ Vintage!!! :smiley: that’s what am talking about

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