Digital vs RCA

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Soo, which is better… Digital vs RCA? What’s the pros and cons?



Hello @Mentalmorg, For me Digital is OK, but I think best answer can be provided by @Reticuli.


If the Audio item that you want to plug into the mixer has digital it puts then there’s really no reason not to go digital. Better sound and frees up analog connectors on your mixer for os devices with no digital connections, if you have any.

Don’t drop any significant amount of cash on special digital cables. For short distances of 5 metres or less, with no particular interference issues, like a lighting dimmer pack next to the mixer, just use ordinary analog cables.

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If he will use cables supplied with the SC5000 units then digital is fine, but for example the thin china RCA’s that were supplied with CDJ’s were a disaster to run a digital signal. They were creating so much interference and jitter, the music degradation was horrible over their cables.

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Is it better sound from the digital I/O Or is it barely noticeable?

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Put on the Kettle and reserve some brain space


I take that it’s rather controversial? :grimacing: I’ll get prepared then.

It all depends on whether your main audience is human or just computers and robots. Someone will come along an put some long spiel on about Prime sounds bad and we don’t know if digital out misses this audio stage or bypasses that audio chip and maybe this, possibly that etc. Guesswork, hunches and theories

Digital is there for the sake of quality. If you’ve got digital ins and outs on the two items you’re connecting, use digital.

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Well I just converted over to the digital way. If I’m honest couldn’t here a difference but it’s less cluttered behind the decks now so that’s what I’m sticking with.

Digital has its pro’s in a live environment where interference can be an issue. Running digital avoids one more possibility of noise in the routing chain. At home, you may never notice the difference.

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Go with digital cables. There is a difference between digital and analog cables. I purchased digital and i am very satisfied with the quality of sound. Why transform from the digital player to analog and in the mixer from an analog to digital?

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On any other DJ gear normally it is an easy yes to digital. Prime sounds degraded enough already you might not notice the improvement through all the muck… That and we don’t know if using the analog outs bypasses one more SRC stage… The player DACs might be fed the oversample before it is bumped down to 96khz. Then there’s the issue of how to set up the Denon mixer sample rate in light of players’ issues. No easy answers. On the simple plus side with Prime, digital is half the cables ;-p.

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@Mentalmorg hope that kettle is still boiling.


:joy: I love it though, I love learning about this stuff. I’m a bit geeky like that!

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