Different waveforms when loading up track

Hello Engine Fam! I have problem with my waveforms when loading up a track. It seems I have to load my track once, play it for a while and load it a second time before engine can properly show the “full” waveform".

My Workflow when adding songs has been the following:

  1. Downloaded track and organised it to correct folder
  2. Analysed track in MIK
  3. Processed the track in PN10
  4. Loaded track to ENGINE DJ
  5. Placed in correct crate
  6. Exported USB
  7. Play on my Prime 4

I do not want to have to play each track in order to see the proper waveform since I have tons of tracks and I have to repy on what I see in some cases more to what I hear when loading a track. Where in the workflow is there room for improvement?

Here is video showing how it looks on my Prime 4: IMG_7736.MOV - Google Drive

Thanks in Advance!

You need to also analyze it in Engine DJ in that step, that is the reason why the first waveform is not scaled properly.

Nope, that’s not it. I have analysed them all in ENGINE DJ once. Even when opening the track for the first time and loading it to the 2nd Deck they have different waveforms. See attachment for reference. I need them to have the second waveform from the get-go and not have to load each and every track 1 time to get them right the second time.

I do I like this.

  1. Bought the tracks on beatport.
  2. Place them in a folder
  3. Analyse in MIK
  4. Open Engine
  5. Create a playlist
  6. Add the bought tracks to the playlist
  7. Analyse the tracks
  8. Export the tracks to my P4
  9. Add cue points
  10. Sync back to engine

I used to use RB but no need for that anymore, this works great for me, never had any problems.

Made it somewhat more readable :sunglasses:


We’ll then test what happens if you skip MIK and/or PN10 and see if it will change.

Exactly! And that is what I want to be able to see the first time not the second time when loading a track!

It’s the same thing, in MIK I just want to get the right Key and also energy level, which I get because I can see them in ENGINE DJ are imported there properly when I move the tracks into ENGINE DJ which means track has been analysed (correctly?). From PN10 it just adjusts some minor audio peaks, which does not have a big significant visual change to the waveform. The waveform is still weird first time and when loading second time it is like it’s properly analysed.

Thanks mate, sorry do that :woozy_face:

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What drive are you using?

I have my music on an external harddrive and export to USB

Did you try a different USB brand?

Also does it happen with remote play using your laptop as the source?

It happens in DJ Engine software after I have imported, analysed and moved track to correct crate. On all these different steps, it is the same, first time waveform is weak, then it is “normal” when loading it second time. So it’s before I even export the music to my USB.

What format is the external drive that stores your music? ExFat or Fat32

I just formated to a new hard drive. The new hard drive is ExFat

and the USB is exfat as well right?

And what if you right click a couple of tracks in EngineDJ and select reanalyze option?

Yes the USB is also ExFAT.

It re-analyzes it and you can see it’s being processed, but the waveform is still “weak”. Then, when I’m loading the track a second time visuals looks correct.