Difference between Master and Boot Out?

Are there any relevant differences between the two outputs, beside the different connectors (XLR/Jack)?

Booth out is used for monitoring speakers, while master is for main speakers. (For ex. When you have large and multiple speakers with audio delay because of long wire range, you use booth for proximity monitors.

Thank you for your answer Marco, but I know that. The question was if there are differences in the technical specification of the outputs.

No, no differences. Except the knobs

Thank you, Marco, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! :blush:

It’s not that they are simply the same with no difference.

There are usually audio routing options between the two outputs. For example. There is often a on-screen option for whether you want the mics to be heard on the booth output or not.

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Nothing can wreck mic usage as having speakers in your booth that return your voice right back into the microphone :slight_smile:

Another thing to always check if the outputs are balanced or not, typically Jack and XLR will be balanced (like in the MC4000), RCA will not.