Desperate for some support for...VDJ V8 + DENON DN-X1700 + PhaseDJ + WINDOWS 11 64bits (DVS)

Hi, I’ve tried to configure my DN-X1700 to use VDJ8 but no matter what I do, I just don’t get sound on my mixer.

I’m using windows 11 64 bit and PhaseDJ, I think the Phase Part is working fine and I am able to control the playhead etc… but the sound card config has been a nightmare.

For the records, I have set the USB input on the mixer to DVS mode and also started USB B streaming etc.

My DN-X1700 is using the latest firmware and windows 64 bit driver (official from Denon)

I’ve attached multiple photos to help understand my current setup/config and all what I am getting on VDJ.

Everything seems to be working fine except that I am NOT getting any sound on any mixer channels no matter what I do.

At some point, I was thinking that it could be an issue with the Sound card itself, but it’s not the case as I tried it on REKORDBOX with a single channel 1/2 and it worked and it’s also perfectly working on TRAKTOR.

I’m desperate to keep my DN-X1700 and this is my last resort… :frowning: Please help…

I see in your pics that you chose computer audio in audio settings. Why don’t select usb sound card instead because that’s what your mixer using.

That would change depending on what element you selected from the drop down list… which is the purpose of this post really? I’ve tried to combine everyone of them… nothing is sending sound to the mixer.

Is PhaseDJ connected with PC via usb cable (like the HID mode with SeratoDJ) or is it disconnected from the software and going only into the X1700 RCA line inputs with analog tinecode signal?

I doubt there is HID mode for Phase on VirtualDJ… (unless I’m not away) it’s via the mixer… but that’s a very good question… Im plugging the USB on the computer… shall I use external USB?

I think you need to make sure windows are not using the x1700 as the default sound interface because that is blocking the VDJ from the mixer.

That’s a valid point and I made sure Win is not using the Denon sound card… and yet have not managed to get any sound from it. :frowning:

Tested with a trial version of Traktor?

Nope… curious…what difference does it make? I have full licence for VDJ, TRAKTOR and Rekordbox.

Because if the same driver and audio interface work under a different software then you know the issue is somewhere else. Troubleshooting 101.

For this this is leaning more toward VDJ itself since it is working with other softwares but again nothing is sure yet :frowning:

It turned out it was just the volume on that stupid VDJ… but I find it pretty sad that not much help was provided on here at least in terms of driver compatibility etc. I was expecting more from this board even if it’s a legacy product. shame

It turned out to be the level volumes on VDJ that loaded down by default… silly

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