Denon X1800 recording using the New EVERMIX

Hi everyone.

Like a lot of people i have been searching for ways to record my mixes using my 2 X SC5000M & X1800 mixer. I came across the Evermix and bought one to try. It works exactly as it should and is a great little box BUT… The recording level is so low. I have to be redlining my channels to get any sort of volume increase. I have changed the output volume in the utility menu but still no change really. I sent the box back to Evermix to be checked and they said it worked fine on there system but ive changed all the output levels i can to be able to increase the volume but its still no better. I have tried with the Record Out line and booth but I think im going to have to sell it which is a shame as its exactly what i need as i have no space to use a laptop to record… Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Overpriced gadget IMO. Just buy one of these (much more versatile):

Thanks for your reply. I had a Zoom Hn6 but you didnt have much control over the record volume and you ended up with distortion some times.

With the Evermix which was quite cheap compared to those options you have a clear view of the recording level so you can control it a lot easier just not get it loud enough and also they split the audio into different recordings after so long.


Don’t you own a laptop or desktop computer?

Hi Reticuli

I do yes but I have no room for it where I dj Im afraid Its 17" so not easy to just slot into my set up.


Most of these dedicated digital audio recorders will have a screen, with a VU meter for recording level, and often a built in limiter than can be engaged to prevent overload.

I’d make room. You’re making this way way too complicated. LIke stick it on the ground or behind you. I’m not talking about using it to do VDJ, just as a recorder. Run a USB cable from the X1800 to the laptop. Put the laptop anywhere. Unless your recorder has a spdif input, anyway, the quality isn’t going to be as good. So you’re making it way more difficult and getting crummy sound. You can always stream later with your laptop, too, if that floats your boat.

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You can record your mix from your mixer to your iPhone/iPad using one of the USB ports on your mixer. GarageBand is a good program to do it. And it’s free

I will give it a try thanks