Denon X1800 Prime Feature Presentation online

Denon X1800 Prime Feature Presentation is online


Thanks for posting Addie - for me personally, the X1800 gets more exciting in its creative possibilities each time I get ‘hands-on’ with it - especially with ‘Engine Connect’ locking everything together

(and PS, [yes I’ve said this before… but] that’s me as a ‘DJ’ talking, not a Brand Manager!)

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Awesome video, great looking mixer!

Very well done video, as always, Paul!

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Is it possible for the X1800 to recieve midi bpm data from software? Neither manual or this video show that info, only state that sending is possible via 5-pin MIDI and USB connection (doh!)

@paul_denondj Sorry if I’m impatient but I would really like to know this info.

I like also the Video, but I miss a presentation of the FX with EQ Isolation, e. g. swaping the flanger from high to the the low end.

Apologies SFM, I’ve been travelling for the past few days but back at my desk tomorrow (Tuesday 13 June) - have made a note to get you a definitive answer and come back to you soon

We’ll try and put a quick demo video of this together for you and the members Frank