Denon x1800 - Hope Denon contact me

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Just to sum it up a bit:

  • The Fuse is not the problem
  • but you dont like the location of the fuse, because it is hard to accees?
  • But there is actually another problem with the mixer because the fuse is ok (some power issue)?
  • Than you have a problem with the sound of the Mixer, because the sound is changing after it is turned on for a while?
  • Also you think with every software/ firmware change your X1800 sounds different?
  • Furthermore your SC5000M is faulty, but the problem will not be shared with us?

And last question. Could you go deeper with " have not function the basics correctly, there is always an issue." → what is always the issue? Or are there different issues, and if so, what issues?

You have to understand that your long texts with no actual problem descriptions are very vague and not helpful.

Correct me if i am wrong.

You summed it up quite good. I will add some points to above:

  • This is a community forum.
  • It’s not a support forum.
  • Yes, it is “big company” owned.
  • Staff will drop in once in a while.
  • The community tries to help each other before turning to official support via Support | Engine DJ or Support : Denon DJ.
  • If you have contacted support, please have a support ticket at the ready, if staff should need it.

I’m not an employee and not technically underlined enough, but I do have a question. If the main fuse is so deeply hidden from the base of the mixer, perhaps it would be an idea to access it from the top of the mixer? Or would that be my misunderstanding?

Anyway, I hope you get an official response here, as this user community probably cannot help you further on this/these matter(s).

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Well, if the main fuse is the problem, then You will find it on the PSU.

Check there. But if that fuse blows - this is for a reason. PSU might have issues then. As for the rest, Pictures don’t cut it. Your way of writing shows the personality. We are helpful people here, we will do our best to help, but we need more info to do so.

I wonder how the Main fuse got blown.

It’s probably the first time since the launch of the x1800 that anyones asked how to change one.

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It wasn’t the fuse, but another power problem then?

(The booz could have kicked in by that time though)

To add to the problem description it seems that “the changing sound” occured from firmware 1.4 to 1.5. Some old forum post

I had a problem with my X1800 a while a go with a faulty firmware update. Maybe try to add the new firmware. I had to install the firmware a couple of times and than it worked ever since.

That was firmware for the players and added 6dB padding, which improved audio for folk who use MP3’s with near 0dBFS levels.

I have checked back in here and understand this is forum and not support area… i did try support but yeah never got back to me… Here is another person who has same issue… i am able to after some time get the mixer powered on… this is exactly the current issue when i get power ed on… and yes have tried resets etc mac and pc do not recognise / update / firmware for sending the mixer data etc

The gentleman in this video has same issue i have and he explains nicely