Denon SC5000 m prime not recognizing new songs on usb

First I’m very new to DJing and computers and also this forum so I’m not familiar with the LINGO so please I’ll need someone with patience to help me through this.

  • bought the equipment dec

  • bought music from beatport dec

  • put music on SanDisk 128gb Dec

  • practicing everything fine

  • bought music from beatport March

  • put music on SanDisk 128gb March

  • Denon doesn’t recognize new songs

  • downloaded firmware update 1.6 to SanDisk March

  • Denon recognizes firmware update from SanDisk

Why can’t it recognize the new songs I bought? :tired_face: Why did it recognize the update then? I’m frustrated I bought all this music but now I can’t play it. Is there a simple fix for this? I pressed the folder icon it says updating but nothing happens.

Thank you


Are you exporting to the usb using engine or are you just putting the files directly on the drive?

I am just downloading new songs from Beatport to my computer. After I download them to my computer than I add them to the drive. Then I put the drive into the Denon. Same as before.


Do you use Engine Prime to transfer the songs to the sandisk?

The usual workflow is

  1. Download new music to your computer. I’m assuming the downloaded music files from beatport will be saved in DOWNLOADS folder on your pc/mac

  2. From the DOWNLOADS folder, Move the music to where its going to be permanently in your computer, most people will move the files to MUSIC folder on their computer

  3. Now start ENGINE PRIME, go into the settings and make sure AUTOANALYSIS is ON.

  4. Now Drag the entire MUSIC folder into ENGINE PRIME

  5. Any new music will be added and it will be analysed as well

  6. Now plug in your USB Sandisk, it will show under the DEVICES panel in ENGINE PRIME

  7. Now drag all the music from the Collection to the SANDISK

Whenever you acquire new music files just drag that MUSIC folder into ENGINE PRIME again. The next time only the new files will be added, as the older files are already in ENGINE PRIME


ENGINE PRIME = EP This is the software to prepare your music with, think of it like the itunes for DJs using Denon equipment

EXPORT DRIVE = USB Stick to use with Prime Players

ENGINE OS = The software / operating system that runs on the denon players

I don’t have auto analysis under my library. I have the denon m prime if that makes a difference? 20210403_200349|375x500

I think I understand. I needed to save the music under engine library. Doing that now.

Ok that was it. So I Would not have known it the 1st time that I put in the USB drive into the denon. But now I know whenever I add music and I saved on the computer and I put in the USB drive to save it underneath engine. You’re awesome thank you kindly.


You won’t find auto analysis settings there. That is not where to look.

You will find it on your laptop if you have Engine Prime software installed.