Denon SC5000 jog wheel issue


Denon SC5000

Engine OS Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…)


Steps to Reproduce: (Turn on unit, press button X, etc…)

It happens randomly.

Expected Result: (ex: It does X…)

Vinyl mode should work fine and not flicker.

Actual Result: (ex: It does Y…)

While in vinyl mode it seems like one of my two players is flickering like someone is touching the jog wheel and the sound comes out distorted and keeps pausing momentarily and coming back, the other player is fine and working as it should.

Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.)

Happened in every event for about a month now. since Jan . 2022

Other Relevant Configuration Info: (ex: Plugged into a Windows 10 laptop.)

I’ve used grounded power cables since day one and the issue happened in multiple venues, I have also changed the network cables twice, I have tried using CAT 5E cable and CAT 6 cable but with the same result. I have also noticed that the issue happens when the bass kicks, its like the jog wheel is flickering with the music. The issue doesn’t happen at low volume.

The only solution at the moment is to disable vinyl mode and turn on SYNC so the music wont go out of beat with the other deck, without using SYNC the music slows down as if someone is nudging the jog wheel.

Operating System & Version (if applicable):


Link to Video Repro:

In this video it shows how it affects the stop time:

Your player definitely registers touch o. The platter. Hard to say from the videos, is the plastic foil taken off the jog wheel? Do You touch it during power up (during touch self calibration)?

If the foil is off and you don’t touch it, it could be a lose grounding inside the unit…

The plastic foil is off, I took it off the first time just after purchasing the unit. No I didn’t touch the platter while the unit is powering up.

Yeah maybe , how can I be sure?

Make a vibration test. Shake the device a bit when playing

Update: I have sent the unit to the maintenance shop after further testing and they cleaned the sensors and checked the wiring inside, there was no lose wiring at all, it looked all normal. After I received it it worked fine without any issues, seems to be dirty sensors we don’t know for sure but its fixed now.

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Great that You have it solved. Happy mixing then :slight_smile:

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