does anyone know if resolume arena is compatible with sc live 4? I have a USB-LAN dongle and I have been able to connect soundswitch, and the engine library via ethernet, but I can’t get resolume arena to detect the sc live 4, or do you know of any other video software that accepts stagelinQ?

EDIT: See post below for correct info.

Just check you’re on the latest firmware and software. You may need to turn WiFi off too as StageLinQ likes to have that off.

Also check if there’s any issues with it on the Resolume support pages.

Hopefully it works for you after you’ve checked these.

Supported models are listed here Sync to Denon DJ Players - Resolume

SC Live 4 is not included

I’m very surprised.

I’ve got an SC Live 4 in front of me, I flipped it over and just noticed it doesn’t have a Link port on it.

One of the things that kept the price down I guess.

I think any USB to Ethernet would work. They’re all based on Realtek chipset. Although not officially supported.

How very bizarre.

I purchased this one from a shop in South Korea the other day for a job that never happened so I thought I’d wasted my money.

I may have to give it a test. I suppose it also depends if they supported it in Resolume Avenue too (which I don’t use).

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If I read the compatible devices, the engine os is the same for the entire Denon range, I assumed that there would be no problem, let’s hope they add it soon, do you know of any software to map video with stagelinq support?

I would have thought that it it would work as it’s the same firmware but if they have to add support with a new version number then it may or may not work. My guess is the software will work but they maybe have to recognise the fader positions and if that varies then Resolume may have to add it. It would be interesting.

I don’t know of any more video software. Now inMusic own Arkaos I would have thought they’d have opened up a little more to Engine in the same way they did with Resolume but they haven’t.

The other option is maybe finding another video software you like and asking the developer if he’s interested in adding StageLinQ support. The Denon developers have an SDK they can use (if they want to integrate officially) or using Serato Video/Virtual DJ as a temporary measure until something better comes along.

I think the feature is considered to be high end (at least by Resolume) as it’s only available in the more expensive software. Therefore IMO it’s unlikely that they’ll add support for lower tier products.

OTOH Resolume works via Ableton Link, so things can be kep in sync that way.

during the first months of the SC6000, it wasn’t listed on the compatible devices on the Resolume page. During that time it didn’t worked with resolume. After they included it on their website it worked. Hence, i dont think it is supported even while it is using the same StagelinQ protocol.

official response from denon, so we have to wait, I will try with ableton link looking for connection between several software

You’re right. It’s like someone asking “why doesn’t my £5000 Fiat win races against that Bugatti Veyron” there’s no point in opening a ticket with Fiat about it.

This does seem to be the point in à manufacturer offering a wide range of playout devices. The higher up the feature set you go, then you need to expect and accept that the price goes up too.

If (almost) the cheapest model did everything (either immediately out the box, or after a few years of firmware updates) why would anyone anyone buy anything higher up in the range.

I mean there is a chance since the prime 2 and prime go are also supported. But overall to keep all devices compatible is a good amount of work.

Additionally I would be Interested how many people even use Resolume in connection with products like the prime 2 or sclive 4. I do with my sc6000s and sometimes my prime go, but never encountered anyone else.

This may be possible by using this library: GitHub - chrisle/StageLinq: NodeJS library implementation to access information through the Denon StageLinq protocol (code by the same person that made the Now Playing app). I just tried it out with my SC Live 4 on 3.2.0 and that code works.

However as the SC Live 4 is not officially supported with Resolume, a third-party solution to supply SMPTE and track IDs would need to be made (to connect a certain video and sync it up)

Also just to try it I opened Resolume Arena 7.13.2 and activated the Denon functions, but it says “No Denon DJ players detected in the network” even with my SC Live 4 running

Im very interested in this, It’s working?