Hello everyone. I am using a 2022 Model Apple Macbook Pro M2 chip with 8gb Ram 256gb ssd drive. I recently bought a Denon Sc Live 4 All in one controller. I have a problem but I haven’t been able to solve it yet. I wanted to consult experienced friends here. I do not want to use my Denon device with a usb stick, I am using the original usb cable and the original Apple Usb Type C to Type A converter. While performing live in the DJ booth (it has started to happen very often recently), the sound forms freeze on the virtual dj screen on my computer for 2 or 3 seconds, likewise it freezes on the screen of my Denon device, but has no effect on the sound. The audio format I use is 320 kpbs mp3. When I check it from my activity monitor, my total CPU usage is: 2%, my unused RAM amount is 3 GB. My computer has no problems with performance, but these sound forms freezing makes me very uncomfortable. I am using licensed Virtual dj Pro infinity. Why do you think this situation may be, I am curious about the opinions of you, my valuable and experienced DJ friends. Now I’m thinking of selling my macbook and buying an intel based pc. I’m really sick of this situation. Thank you everyone.