Denon SC 4 Live Crossfader

Is it User Replaceable? Can the cut in distance be adjusted. Currently the cut in distance is nearing two millimeters.

Yeah I heard the same, plus it doesn’t have a dedicated faceplate which you can detach. Any Denon Engineer here who can tell if the topplate can be removed, and how? I guess by removing all screws from the undersite?

Some people use the Mini Innofader on the Prime 4.

Doesn’t look like it from the reviews I’ve seen.

Hoping it is, even if it takes taking the whole unit apart. The cut in distance on this stock crossfader is ridiculously long.

All photos I seen, there are no screws from the too at all. It seems like to get inside, You would have to unscrew the bottom and then dig in thru the electronics. So not much user replaceable.

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Since this last post, has anyone attempted to look inside the SC Live 4 and see what’s possible? I’m tempted, but there’s 37 screws to undo, so wanted to check before I go ahead :slight_smile:

Noone has yet that I could find. If you do, please drop detailed photos here

I have abandoned the opening up as I couldnt get some of the screws out the base and didnt want to strip the threads.

Denon support also confirmed that the crossfader is soldered, so going to be quite difficult to change. Theres a video on youtube of someone chaging the prime go fader, so its going to be similar to this.

Think ill just grab a portable turntable for my scratch needs.