Denon S-1000 pitch problem & replacement


Pitch was going up and down by itself so I bought a new one and replaced it. Now it does not go up and down but it’s extremely innacurate (where should be 0.00% it goes like 7.0% and stuff like that) and it is not consistent. Is there any catch in changing pitch? I know Pioneers have some calibration switch, but I can’t see anything like that here. Any other way to repait pitch?

Please help. Thanks

Im not sure you’re going to get much support for that device on here. What is it, 17 years old?

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It’s quite possible you bought the wrong pitch. In any case - did you check the service manual for S1000 model, it’s available online?

Thanks for help. It is the right part, I got the info from Denon support.

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Check the service manual, if there is some calibration mode there it will be listed

It’s the thing that the new pitch I bought, that is supposed to fit the player, has 3 soldering pins and the original has 4, so it doesn’t do the business. They sell it as a good replacement but actually it doesn’t work properly. Electrician used some spray on the old pitch and it seems to fork fine now (until when I don’t know).

No calibration for this pitch.

Thank you