Denon & Rekordbox

Denon media player using the Rekordbox DJ software as a native built in / Download option For SC6000/M Users. Make a deal with Pioneer DJ. It would be a win win for both companies

Well, that will never happen. Rekorbox is a Dj software. Engine OS is an operating system. And Rekorbox is not the best software…

Yes It will.

Nope sorry. Won’t happen.

If your thinking of the players could run a full DJ software directly then virtualdj or traktor would be better.

For a start Rekordbox won’t allow you to midi map some features in non pioneer gear like jogwheels! Midi mapping is very limited in rekordbox.

I’m sure denon’s engine software will in time become DJ based. Its half way. Just no mixer or effects as yet. Rekordbox wasn’t DJ software for years. Only came up in 2015.

Anyways what wrong in waiting for engine prime os to hit 2.0? that will be a game changer …again!


I can’t see pioneer being obliging.

It would be like burgerking asking McDonald’s to sell the whopper in McDonald’s


But then the whopper is so much better then the bigmac, and seeing that Burger King sold all it’s highway restaurants in Germany to McDonalds, I wouldn’t mind McDonalds selling Whoppers in these restaurants :smiley: Or, wait, this was offtopic, right?

I was eating a burger king hamburger in Germany. It was the first and last time I ate anything in Burger King in Germany. A used up shoe would taste better…

Sorry for off topic, just couldn’t help to add this…


Is it April 1st already?!

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I have to agree it is very unlikely to happen.

I’d like to be able to play Pac-Man and Space-Invaders on the SC-Players too, so make a deal with Atari also Denon … :innocent: :rofl:

Maybe that will happen earlier!

We should ask to get Netflix added to the list :laughing:

Maybe we will get the “hub” as well.

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Next version with RTX3090 socket?

Playing a dodgy mp3 isn’t much better either, but that’s how DJ’s roll nowadays I guess. :relieved:

That’s a blast from the past …

Though, I personally always preferred mIRC, so you could see more details about the source files and not end up downloading radio-stream recordings. :laughing: or completely different songs with the incorrect file names :laughing:

Oh yes … Even had my own channels back in the day :innocent: