Denon PrimeGo working with Serato

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I saw that the Numark Mixstream now supports Serato,

Any news on the Prime Go also supporting Serato since they are running the same processor?

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It would have been in the press release if there was any news.

Mojaxx just announced on his Instagram that the Numark Mixstream now supports Serato,

If they can have support on the mixstream and mixstream pro the Prime Go should also work with the same core insides.

I’m wondering if anyone has tried it.

Just because it should doesn’t mean it will.

Most DJ devices have the same core internals but doesn’t mean they’re cross compatible, just look at the DDJ-1000 and 1000srt.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this to be implemented, and honestly, asking here is fruitless as it’s just a user forum with the odd visit from Denon staff.

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Would be a shame if they don’t add it. The Go is meant to be premium equipment in comparison to the old Mixstream yet it seems to fall behind it feature wise, odd decision by Inmusic.

Also the Mixstream has a software setting option to meter the channels rather than the master output, I understand that maybe this can’t be done on the Prime Go due to hardware limitations but Denon never seem to confirm if this is the case, or at least not in any thread/request I’ve found.

I would say the Prime Go is market to be a on the go standalone system with minimal effort for extra gear. The need for Serato support for this device is probably rather minimal. Therefore not the highest change on the list to implement it. It also would mean continuous testing for an additional product, everytime Serato or Denon changes the software.

Wouldnt it make more sense to get a real controller for that purpose?

True, but the other prime units and the Mixstream are all standalone and support Serato, plus the Go already supports virtual DJ, it would just be a nice bonus if it also gets Serato support to bring it in line with the other primes. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that all the engine units get better with age is brilliant.

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Serato DJ Pro on Prime go with stems!

Are you asking for this as a request , or telling the world that it now works?

I want it to work but most likely Prime Go 2 or + well have stems.