Denon Prime Release Dates

Hi everyone, I live in the USA (San Francisco). Just wondering if anyone has insight on when the earliest the Prime series will be available for purchase in the US or Germany? Where can I check them out? I have a pre-order in with Guitar Center for the two Sc5000s, X18000 and two VL12s.


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My order of two sc5000’s will be delivered (so I’m told) end of March in NL. For the mixer I have to wait untill the end of April. And I ordered them in the beginning of January.

It would be nice if someone from Denon (hint hint @paul_denondj) might comment on this. Are things running on time, are there delays, etc. etc? We’re all grown ups here and can handle whatever news you have for us good or bad - just that some of us have a whole lot of money sitting in limbo right now…


No official US/UK/EU/ROW shipping dates have been established yet guys - we are however working towards end of March/early April and I’d hope to give you a more detailed timeline for the 3 Prime Series units very soon


hello paul, can you tell me if you are any further forward on release dates for prime series.just like user ToddOddity i also have £4500 sitting in getting withdrawel symtoms here as i sold my pioneer set up to get the prime series was told by my retailer it would be release at start of april.

Hey Leejags, same situation here, getting impatient :grin:

They’ll be in at 8 minutes past Two o’clock on the first Saturday after …

Sorry guys, just teasing. :blush:

No exact day/date has been mentioned by Denon DJ in any part of the world. " April " is the only suggestion that I’ve heard.

One or two shops/stores might have had success in the past by suggesting that they will get any brand new product that hasn’t even cleared customs yet, a week/month/quarter before any other shop/store - maybe one or two shops/stores might be doing that with the Prime range too, although I’ve not heard of any myself.

As months go, even the very very end of April is only 36 days away. Its well worth the wait