Denon prime go & virtual dj

Hi i am pretty new to all this and could do with some help connecting my prime go to vdj. I have connected everything fine except the prime go screen is stuck on computermode, standalone and the hardware detected on my laptop will not let me click on the prime go box in select were speakers are connected. Like i say everyhing thing else seems to working fine. Thamkyou.

Hi Douglas.

Presuming that you are using Windows, ensure that you have the Denon Prime Go drivers installed here.

When reconnected you should hopefully have both the Speakers connected to the Go option present and have your screen mirrored to the console.

Hi i have tried everything 3x. I am getting the faders and everything else working from prime go onto vdj. I cant unfreeze the sceen or move onto normal screen on the prime go. Still showing computer mode standalone. I cannot click onto speaker connection on laptop and the denon not showing in audio settings in vdj. I do connect the laptop to the prime go into the USB B port dnt i. I new to this. Very frustating.

Do you have the latest version of the OS in your Prime Go and do you have the VirtualDJ Pro version and not the Home Plus version?

What are the characteristics of your “Processor, ram, version of Windows” PC?

I on 2.4 denon prime go. On vdj pro. All sliders and functions r working except load on decks. Computer mode on denon screen all time.

The technical characteristics of your PC are far too fair!

Is the firewall deactivated and the same if you have an anti-virus?

Windows 10. The firewall is on and the my antivirus is Eset endpoint and is on

Do i need to upgrade my laptop then. I not a pc wizard etc. Or is my laptop fine etc. What would you reccomend me do.

Yes, connecting to the USB B port on the Go is correct.

Windows being as finicky as it is, there would be no harm in trying another cable/usb port from the laptop to the Go to see if it makes any difference.

I know you said you have done everything 3X, but did you install the Prime Go software?

He’s solved it. Blocked by his anti-virus apparently.

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