Denon prime go update

Hi i am a complete novice to denon prime series and have recently purchased a prime go. I have and still getting Update in the Engine OS 2.1.1 is available
Update Firmware Reboot I have run through the process and updated via the web, the system has updated and rebooted itself but the messages are still in the settings. I am also press and holding VIEW to get into the performance settings etc but all it does is move into control centre user profile settings I cannot get into performance view. Can anyone help a novice out there. Thanks

Could you post a screenshot of the version?

You mean horizontal to vertical and vice versa? Press Shift + View for one second, to toggle.

I cannot get onto this screen since i have updated the firmware to 2.1.1

Utility and Prefs are consolidated into one screen with tabs. It’s all there.

About the 2.1.1 message. That seems to happen sometimes. Probably because there’s an old version file on the source drive. You could delete that via a computer.

Rest assured, you’re running 2.1.1 already, so no update needed.

Can you tell me how to delete it please if i connect my laptop up

I assume you use an internal drive in Prime4?

Start the unit in computer mode via source, computer icon. Open explorer or finder (Win or Mac). Like you would when adding music. The ‘version’ file is in the Engine folder.

If you use external drives, simply attach that to a computer. The rest is the same.