Denon Prime Go Turns Off After 20 minutes

I request your help I have a DENON PRIME GO and it turns off even connected to the electric current, I use it with usb, I did all the tests installing from the oldest 1.6 firmware. 2 and the most current 2.3.2. NOTE: When I play the tracks in playlist mode, it never turns off. I hope someone can help me THANK YOU!!

Could be a specific track that is corrupted and causes the Go to crash maybe…? Did You tried to test with a small portion of tracks exported fresh to a formatted USB?

if I try with different track and usb and the problem continues

OK, did You tried to re-install the firmware again maybe?

If that will not help, then I suggest to contact Denon dj Support for this.

if you already install the firmware 1.6.2 and the most current 2.3.2 and the problem continues !!

But did You tried to install 2.3.2 again? If not, then try once more. It doesn’t cost nothing.

I have already done all the tests and the problem continues, I think it is a manufacturing defect.

What tests? Re-installing the firmware is the main thing You should consider doing in this situation.

dont do anything, remove all usb and SD Card just turn it on and leave it . what happens. if it turns off. How hot is the case near the vents . /?? i just suspect its overheating . maybe an internal fan is broken if it has one. if not its a hardware issue and needs a service centre .

It was a manufacturing defect, I made the return. Thank you very much for your support

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