Hey All

Today I found this video on youtube by TheDjLab. Really Nice feature to know. I tested it. Workes GREAT!!

have fun with it


Nice. Not really very clear what inputs are made to achieve it, but will have to try and recreate this and play around with it.

Uh, that’s insane.

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works amazing, as long as the effect is on the sample stays

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I recall on the X1800 mixer there is also such a way to “sample”, but it stops after 64 times of play cycles.

Is this confirmed as a feature or a bug that adds functionality?

It’s not a bug. Actually it’s not a sampler either.

You must see it as a nice trick. Because Denon prime has a lot of power and memory this works.

For those of you who are familiair with the Pioneer role trick on the djm800/900 (create role and switch it to another channel). This is kinda simulair

I saw the video. Very cool.

That’s neat. I suppose there must be some percentage of overdubbing happening in the roll, so that new sound is overlayed on top of the previously remembered sound.

But there must be some very small leak, where the remembered sound slowly, or very slowly, fades out, even if that’s minutes later.

Has anyone tried this roll off, get a full loop going then stop the sound source track and see how long the roll off takes to fade away, if it ever does?

As I do not have the Prime GO would like to see this.