Denon Prime Go - Noise coming from Master Outputs disappear when Unit moved/tilted?

HELP. Discovered this last night… anybody had the same happen to theres? If so… whats going on?

Basically theres noise coming out from the outputs (master & booth). This totally disappears when the unit it moved/tilted. Then may not appear again when unit re-started.

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Instead of tilting the device, can you wiggle the cables around to see if that makes it disappear. It sounds like some kind of interference or grounding issue with the speaker cables.

thanks for input man… nah, tried all of that. def not cables or connections as it also comes out of booth & all masters. also no difference if battery or powered… same noise. only thing that alleviates it, is when i tilt the player back/forth/side to side then in disappears. if i leave the unit there stationary after powering off and come back the next day…chances are the noise won’t start again. it’s only once i move the player, will it make noise again (which 5ucks for a portable unit lol) – but only the positive is the noise 100% goes away once tilting etc.

also this noise just started suddenly tbh… then again i don’t really use it that often. once every couple months if even that. always handled w/ care. it was stored tilted on an Ikea laptop stand so not sure if that attributed to it. last time i used it properly (for hours) there was no noise whatsoever.

i’m totally baffled???

If its not that im pretty stumped. is it still in warranty?

Happened to mine too. It went away, then came back. I’m guessing something corroded. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now. Used it for maybe 100 events, and now it’s a paperweight. I’d love to know if there’s a fix. I might bring it in to a local electronics repair shop.