Denon Prime Go Fader repair

got a used Denon Prime Go and channel 1 fader is borked. it only will play audio at 90%-100% point of the fader and it’s still has “flutter” if I could explain it.

also some of the knobs feel vary worn down but I’d assume that this could be resolved with it being re-greased with whatever it was originally used too

Where should I go to get this repaired?

The equipment needs to be dismantled, cleaned and the faders and keys lubricated with contact cleaner and silicone grease. If you don’t know how to do it, I recommend taking the equipment to an accredited technical assistance.

I have a similar issue with my volume fader and presumed I would need to replace the fader, are you suggesting that lubrication and cleaning will fix the problem?

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Depending on the problem, it can be resolved by dismantling the equipment, desoldering the fader from the board, dismantling it, cleaning the tracks with isopropyl alcohol, lubricating the mechanics with silicone grease and reassembling everything again. Most of the time it solves it, but if the potentiometer tracks were damaged, just replace it.

However, you can try to solve it by applying spray contact cleaner directly to the fader through their slot, using an extender. Apply a little at a time and move the fader so that the product penetrates and cleans. Remembering that cleaning contacts removes the silicone grease that makes the fader soft to move, which can cause it to have “drier” movements.