Denon Prime Go doesn’t stream trough IPhone hotspot

Hi everybody!

I’m having rather annoying issue. My Prime Go console did not stream Tidal trough my WiFi hotspot set up on my iPhone. I was checking few phones and wouldn’t work on any of these. The console works fine on any WiFi in the area just not trough a mobile device. Has anybody had similar issue? Is there any way to set up an iPhone? As you know it is a very important feature for Prome Go… I would appreciate any advice!



I don’t know how your Go works with any wi-fi because mine won’t, only home wi-fi. So I have to use a personal hotspot through my iPhone 12 Pro Max. You have to connect to your phone in the wi-fi settings of the Go. It should appear as a choice. Once connected it will work. But where I work the connection is slow during the late afternoon but gets better the later it gets.

Do you have a password protected hotspot or free one? I have an experience, when WiFi connection is not secured, Tidal does not operate and refuses the connection.