Hi All,

The prime GO is a real “on the road” dj set.

I think some DJ’s would like to have a CAR Charger/apater.

The original adapter has a capacity of 3.42A at 19 Volt I found this car-laptop adapter (19V / 4.74A):

Will this work or will it damage my GO?

As far as I can see it must do the job easily.

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Using something with a higher amp rating is not a problem. The GO will only draw what it needs.

The more important thing is to ensure the polarity is the same.

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At the GO the outer ring will be (-) minus. You can see it on the adapter.

So, before connecting first a polarity check :slight_smile:

As the denon supplied power supply unit is only 65 watts, I would think about getting an in-car inverter so you can plug the existing GO power supply into the car


Probably twice the price, and rather clumsy to take the voltage up and then down again.

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I would recommend using a power inverter instead. This way you have a regulated voltage being delivered as your engine Tom’s fluctuate. This will also give you a breaker in between to keep from having damaged equipment due to a surge.


+1 for the inverter. :+1:


You also have that with the adapter.

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I could not find a diagram of the adapter to verify, so I did not want to give it a greenlight. If it is just a step up converter, you run the risk of seeing surges when the alternator is pushing 14-16v and seeing a drop in voltage when the alternator is pushing 12v (you see power lost on the accessory rails).

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Get the 19v laptop charger for cars. There are some on amazon with different plugs with more A. I also believe going up and down would be a waster of efficiency.

Stepping down then up or up then down isn’t going to create any issues of sound quality or power surges

If you get the inverter in the car then you can carry on using the original power supply, so you’ve no worries about incorrect polarity or over-voltage or under-ampheres etc

Also when you’re not using the GO in the car you can plug other mains powered devices into the invertor instead.

You don’t want to keep a mains adaptor and a car adaptor for every device you own. Lol

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Technically it can’t be bad fot the Prime GO

as long as the adapter can deliver a little more amps then needed. Your car keeps the voltage constant…

Just don’t buy the cheapest charger. good quality allways comes with a price.

If you want to be more than 1000% sure. Use a 12 to 230V converter (or 12 to 110 f.e. the US) then use the original charger/adapter.

Any update on whether this car charger works for the Go? I’d like to plug my Go into the 12v port on my large batter/solar generator as I cannot charge via solar when I have the AC plugged in (gotta be DC)

friend of me has a car charger. works great