Denon Prime Go and Akai Force


I now have both of these units (Go me!!) and yesterday managed to get them to both work together. I wanted to share how I did it and my plan as not many people seem to have either tried or written about it!

  1. Both units are on the same WIFI (To allow LINK to work)
  2. As there is no spare channel on the Go I am using AUX


  • Power up Force > connected via 2x1/4" mono to RCA (Phono) leads into the Go unit - AUX IN.
  • Power up the Go (and speakers!)
  • Enable Link on the Force
  • Enable link on the Go
  • Check that connections are showing
  • Start a track on the force
  • Hit sync on the Go (don’t hate me!)
  • Press play on the go

Both were playing well together (including pitch adjust) and using the Aux knob I could effectively mix it out/in. I could have controlled the volume on the Force if I wanted.

All in all - very basic set up but also very easy.

Next will be to try and launch clips on the force when playing the Go - no reason why this should not work too though.


I use AKAI Force with my SC6000 and Xone 96 - goes really well with Ableton link both on Wifi and on LAN cable.

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I bet you have it in through a specific channel so full control over EQ etc… :sunglasses:

I tried couple of options. You can use the Xone 96 as a soundcard for the Force, so all can be routed via USB between Xone and force. But also for more complex control over channels is better to go analog. Like Force outputs to channel 4 and Send A to Force input. I am still discovering the possibilities, as I got the force in February this year, so I am very fresh on it. Anyway I love it more than the Maschine plus and Maschine Jam combo that I had before.