Denon Prime DJ mini-mixes

Are we doing this yet??? How’s about everyone share links to their mini-mixes on PRIME gear?


Everyone’s entitled to their own fame, but for me absolutely not interesting to watch or even listen.

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Not for fame man. Just for fun. Trying to see what the system can do. I thought it would be fun to loop four random tracks and see what happened.

Thanks for the “feedback” tho, as pleasant as it is. The goal here was/is to encourage people who spent a pile of cash on their new Prime gear to use it and share their results and process, to change the conversation a bit away from “this isn’t working” or “we should add this” - and usually that sort of thing is met with positivity, or at least a lack of the other.


I understand. And totally agree on the conversation subject. I tend to not reply in those topics anymore, because of that.

While I don’t particularly like the “music” Laidback Lucas van Scheppingen plays and the way he mixes, his videos shows what the system is capable of in terms of functionality.

I usually play techno that’s no way mainstream with longer blends, and the system performs perfectly. I also made some melody mixes with Guy J only tracks. It’s not fun to watch if I recorded it with video. You’ll see me drinking coffee and calmly selecting tracks and all that. Setting the pitch and mixing with the appropriate knobs. Perhaps a twist in the hip if you would have noticed it.

No ghostly knob touching, no hands in the air, no clap clap, no hot cue - hot cue - hot cue, no ram bam freestyle shizzle… :wink:

I only need a camera… no money for GoPro anymore. :smiley:

This was no way rehearsed or intended to be perfect. I just wanted to turn on the camera, let it happen. I hoped to encourage others who aren’t that solid at even basic mixing yet to give it a go. No big deal. I actually came from Trance way back when, so the really long transitions with slow builds are my thing - but lately I’m trying to come up with a different approach, make something that didn’t exist out of a bunch of pieces that do. It’ll sound weird and rough for some time, I imagine, but my livelihood isn’t connected to Dj’ing these days, so it can be fun, raw and embarrassing - until it starts to come together.

All good man. I’m not a fan of LLL either. The system has flaws, but overall it’s good. The mixer may be the Achille’s heel of the thing, but they can remedy those minor things easily enough.

True. I had a Traktor D2 set with Maschine MK2 so I get the “making tracks that aren’t initially there”. After awhile I was missing the old days and didn’t have any fun anymore. That certainly had to do with the fact that I don’t produce music. Performing like Hawtin or Liebing just wasn’t something I would do at home. Making percussion and sounds. That’s why I didn’t buy the Model1. No use for my mix style.

But I didn’t want to be left on the options Traktor gave with the metal finish etc. So, SC5000 was the only choice that came at the right time. Also for me the X1800 has very few flaws because I don’t use FX that much.

I’m happy again mixing like way back when but with a lot of extra possibilities. Perhaps your ideas persuade me to record a video anyway…

Then it worked! I have maschine and Traktor as well, but as you know - NI IS SUCH A CPU HOG that my laptop didn’t want to handle all of those duties live. I’ve since used maschine less and less, slowly migrating to hardware.

This video is grainy and dark, but it’s more of a house mashup with a Queen track… I’m just learning how to configure cameras & slowly working with Final Cut Pro, so much of these are simply exercises in those areas.

I’ll do more of a psy or DNB thing soon, as the time opens up

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And hey, ya know what, if they leave much room for improvement - feel free to say so. I can always take critical analysis for the end goal of making badass live sets that are different from others out there in most of the clubs.

Here’s one a bit different: