Denon prime 4

Looking at buying the Prime 4, at moment i use OTSAV Pro DJ software on my laptops, just converted all music back into mp3 files onto a samsung EVO 1tb SSD drive, do i now need to get denon engine prime and that’s all?any advice greatly appreciated

You need to format the SSD with an ex-FAT file system type (when using windows software). Then install the SSD drive into the P4 (prime 4). Then analyze your music using Engine software on you laptop / desktop (this can also be done now already, Engine prime is free software --> download from Denon website). Connect the P4 with USB cable to laptop/desktop. Put P4 in controller mode. Then let Engine copy the analyzed files onto the internal driver of the P4. Next to the above, there are a lot of instruction video’s available on youtube on almost all aspects of the P4. I think it would be beneficial for you to watch these as well.


Hi thanks, the ssd is formatted to ex-FAT & now has all my music files on it in mp3 format, i dont own the Prime 4 yet , jyst need to get everything in place for when i buy it, so i now need to download engine prime to my laptop and then analyse all files on ssd drive etc? Very confusing Regards Dave

I would. It’s all ready to go then.

Thanks, this ssd drive is what i will be putting in the Prime 4 so it has all mp3 files on it, do i keep these on then? Totally confused

Yes - simple answer :slight_smile:

Hi again, so once i have put engine prime on laptop, plugged ssd drive into laptop it will then analyse all files on ssd drive, so pardon my ignorance but how does engine prime then store analysed files etc? Really confusing Regards Dave

Open up EP. In EP, browse to your music on the SSD. Once you have analysed all your files, hit the kinda backwards arrow looking icon, this will ensure it’s all synced to your SSD. Essentially it writes a database after analysing them. Then pop it back into your P4, boom! :slight_smile:

Thanks, i don’t own a Prime 4 yet but want to beready for it once i do buy one, so i open EP look in my ssd, analyse all tracks, then find backward looking arrow button, then all sorted, many thanks