Denon Prime 4 spares in UK

Hi Denon users, I’m looking to find out if there is a spares chart for Prime 4, I need to replace some screws that have become tarnished, anyone know the part number or where I can get them? I don’t mind buying abroad however, would prefer Europe or UK. Thanks in advance.


Aka Thatswhatyourmumsaid

Have you considered some generic screws? you can measure the thread size and length of your current ones then buy from a hardware supplier. I imagine they are pretty standard issue items anyway.

I’d consider taking one of the screws to “bolt and tool” or screw fix etc to get replacements.

I’d also have a think about how the screws got tarnished. Obviously coastal outdoor gigs will do it, and pool parties (indoors or out) but if you’re more inland and in dryer venues then it could be more difficult to narrow down the source of the tarnishing


It’s been the aircon in my studio has been turned on and over the last four months they have tarnished. I did think of taking out before, let’s see if someone has a trusted source for spares before I have to remove. Hope all is well. :facepunch:t3: