hi to all … after a while I play on the P4, the play button, often touched, in the center of the button, does not start the song, if I then touch it on the sides, or I try again, it starts again, it does it without a precise rule … and only after a while that I sound, that is to say “hot” as they say in technical language … if it were, the switch switch under failure, it should do it immediately, instead it does it after about an hour, and after the update to 2,1,2 … I don’t want to sit there always reloading and downgrading every time … .so I want first if it happened to you too … thanks

It’s not going to be the upgrade.

It’s more like a dry joint on the tac switch on the pcb under the Play button. As the unit warms up, the board, or switch or dry solder joint flexes and makes a better/worse contact with where it should be touching.

As dry joints aren’t fixable by firmware, this won’t fix itself with any future firmware update ever. You’ll need to get the tac switch repaired/replaced by a service center

I have been an electronic computer technician for 40 years, and I tell you that it is not about cold welding, otherwise it should always do it … tonight for example, he did it only once and that’s it, and then when he shows up. just press it a second time, which works normally again, or do you understand? it is not a hardware problem I repeat !! otherwise he would do it every minute … tonight after 8 hours he did it only once … but I repeat, just press again, that everything works again, quietly, so now I’ll do the test by reloading the previous firmware, because up to a previous sign that is a month ago ì, I had no problem whatsoever.

A dry joint will NOT always show straight away. I would expect someone with you saud qualifications to know that. I wont bore you with explaining thermic expansion to you. Maybe if you dont understand thermic expansion or more to the point have no idea what im going on about then try dr google. Update the firmware again prove us wrong. I doubt very much that you will come back and admit it didnt work.

Some people just won’t accept any ideas except their own. To those people, we can only wish them good luck.

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has any of you already opened the console? do you have a tutorial? I can do the soldering, if they are cold, and as a re make, I use the micro soldering iron from the printed circuit and I can do it again … if any of you have already opened this console …

Dr google… loads of info. But basicly it involves finding these little round things called SCREWS and using the correct tool to undo them. Competent peopke use a screwdriver… idiots use a hammer.

Then look for the stugf holding printed circuit board ( normally green) in case and removing those fixings unplug any cables. Find switch and resolder. Then strengthen using epoxy then reassemble.

OR takeit to a service centre and let someone who knows what their doing do it for you for a small exchange of some money

can I ask you the favor of giving me precise links of the specific technical tutorials p4 repair tutorials?

Why cant you use google or the search function on forum??? I aint here to wet nurse you

Heres a clue…

thanky i write in a specific forum

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