Denon prime 4 music make music

hi guys im wanting to know what kind of software do i need to make my own mixes and remix any help pls thx

To make own tracks to mix - you need a DAW software. Such as ableton live, reason, cubase … To record your mix you do live on a prime - you just need a recording software like: audacity, goldwave, cool-edit. When you want to record: you just have to connect your mixers master or tape-output to line in of your soundcard - then adjust the right level of output, and press record.

Fruity Loops

I would give GarageBand a shot if you use a Mac or an iOS device.

In some cases yes, but on a Prime 4, which is mentioned in the thread title, recording can be done on the unit itself (albeit with very quiet results).

@mad515 what Denon equipment do you have? You mentioned a Prime 4 but posted in the SC6000 area.

Adjusted in the meantime.