Denon Prime 4 + MPC One + Ableton Link!

Hi all! This is my 1st post. Just purchased the Prime 4 and am loving it so far! Right out of the box I updated to the newest OS (2.02) and got everything up and running just fine. I was really interested to check out the newly added Ableton Link functionality within my studio set up. So, I fired up the studio computer slapped everything on the same WiFi network, turned on Ableton Link, and all was well…everything worked as advertised!

Then I got to thinking… my MPC One has a network connection in the back of it…as does the prime. I wondered if I hooked them up via a network cable would they send Ableton link between them via hardware connection without having to be on WiFi??? To my surprise…IT WORKED! The Prime 4 and the MPC One totally linked together and keeping in perfect time via Ableton link via Ethernet cable! Not sure if this was advertised or is well known…but, I hadn’t seen anything anywhere that stated this was a possibility. Figured I’d let y’all know about my findings. It’s a dope combo and it’s so great to be able to control the tempo of by beats on the MPC with the pitch sliders on the Prime! I may wind up using this paring live for a bit of extra flavor during my DJ sets!

Peace and blessings! That Guy Smitty


Thank you. I have questions. You use ethernet cable to synchronise your MPC One. Can you use only this cable or/and with Ableton Link ? When you start (play) on the Mpc; is there a latency ? I tried Prime4/Mpc live (1) with only Ableton Link only without cable because there is no Rj45/Ethernet socket on Mpc live 1. There is too much delay and no timing (no quantize) when I press play(mpc). The tempo follows the variations of prime4/mpc live.

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Did you solve that?